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What to Look for in a Security and Alarm Company

American Alarm System: An Alarm Company You Can Trust

Choosing an alarm company can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make to protect your home, business, and family. Here at American Alarm Systems, we take that responsibility very seriously. Whether you opt for the home security and home automation or the commercial and business solutions we offer, we want to make sure you’re fully armed with the right information.

Industry experts agree that an alarm company should meet and exceed the following criteria.

Affordable Price

Protecting your home or business comes at a cost and as a customer, you deserve to know all the details before you make your decision. When evaluating pricing from alarm companies, consider the following:

  • Monthly costs: This is the monthly fee you’ll pay, usually under contract, which will include monitoring fees.
  • Equipment costs: You should have a full quote that includes pricing for all the parts of the home security system you want to install, including any activation fees for that equipment.
  • Installation fee: Many alarm companies charge an initial installation fee, so make sure you ask and figure that into your up-front expenses.

Home Automation Features and Detailed Reporting

If you want a smart home with the capabilities of integrating more home automation solutions down the road, you’ll want to select an alarm company that already offers things like smart thermostats and lighting. That way, if you decide to add additional devices, you won’t be cornered into a contract with a company that doesn’t offer the latest technology.

If you’re looking to protect a business, our commercial security solutions can give you access to detailed reporting, including online access and user management. Get alerts when your employee fails to arm the security system and program notifications for certain events like closing and opening times.

Professional Installation

A security system should be properly and professionally installed, ensuring all the sensors are correctly positioned and that your system is fully connected and functioning. This becomes even more vital when you integrate home automation or are protecting your business, so be sure your possible alarm companies offer professional installation instead of leaving you to go it alone.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

When a sensor is tripped and an alarm goes off, you want your security company to be immediately responsive. Choose a company that utilizes a monitoring service with 24/7 live agents that can be trusted to handle your situation quickly and courteously.

Excellent Customer Service

This is the part of choosing an alarm company that can be hard to decipher. Read the reviews online from sources like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more. Solicit recommendations from family, friends, associates, and neighbors. Then call and email the company yourself, paying attention to how attentive, responsive, and courteous they are. Local companies typically have an edge in customer service over large national home security brands that are farther removed from your community.

Mobile App

Having the ability to control your home security at a distance is an essential part of choosing an alarm company. Look for a mobile app with good ratings that allows for viewing live streams from cameras, controlling door locks, and adjusting smart lighting and thermostats so you can set it and forget it.

For business owners and managers, arming the system and monitoring video surveillance at a distance is just a touch away on your mobile device.

Why should I choose American Alarm Systems?

Now that we’ve discussed what you should look for in an alarm company, let’s examine how American Alarm System performs against the competition. These are just a few of the reasons that American Alarm Systems is the best choice to keep you and your family safe.


We’re a locally owned and operated home security and alarm company.

American Alarm Systems is a locally owned and operated alarm company located in Santa Ana, California. Since 1958, we’ve been providing security solutions that deter crime and keep our clients safe. We achieved our longevity by forging long-lasting relationships with our clients, whom we view as extended family members.


We’re transparent about our pricing for equipment and monitoring packages.

Throughout the years, we have learned what clients want from a security company. One of the first questions is always about pricing for our products and services. Let’s be honest, no one wants to overpay for equipment or service so we offer many different packages and solutions that fit within your budget. Our security consultants start out with basic pricing for our equipment and service, then clearly show you how much each of our additional options cost.

Security solutions have come a long way in the last 5 years. As you know, today’s technology is exciting and offers consumers many options to choose from. We like to simplify this process when choosing an alarm, fire, camera, access control system, or a monthly monitoring rate with us. We show you our recommended security solutions and explain how each system works with detailed information before you make your choice.


We provide personalized technical support for all our home security and alarm system solutions.

Today, many people buy electronics and do not know how they work. Do you have a full understanding of how the system works and what features make this a better solution than the other equipment you are being shown? Most of the time that answer is no. With American Alarm Systems, you will always fully understand the technology we are offering, so that you can make an educated choice. Our goal is to provide reliable security solutions and establish a meaningful relationship with our clients.


We offer 24/7 nationally recognized monitoring that has made us a leader in the security industry.

American Alarm Systems has a full-service UL Certified Central Monitoring Station that offers monitoring for your home 24/7, so when the alarm sounds, help will be on its way. The UL Certificate is an alarm company’s commitment that a security system has been installed, and will be maintained, tested, and monitored, according to the most recent codes and standards.

Nationally recognized as a leader in the security industry, we continue to invest in the latest technology so that our monitoring systems and station is always online and ready when you need it.


Our mobile app and home automation features let you enjoy the latest technology.

American Alarm Systems has a smartphone app that allows you to control your system remotely, as well as monitor your video live stream and control home automation at a distance. Turn the heat up or down, disarm the system, and verify that package just got dropped off all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

We also offer a several home automation devices that integrate with your security system, including smart thermostats, lighting, and more to keep your home and business up to date and offer our customers the latest in comfort and customization.


We have fast, friendly customer service that you’ll feel confident about recommending to family and friends.

Have you ever heard a neighbor or friend tell you that they have an alarm company or seen a yard sign out in front of their home? Sadly, most of those companies are just mass marketing companies trying to make a quick buck and do not understand quality security solutions.

At American Alarm Systems, we take pride in providing quality equipment along with great local service. We will not try to sell our clients a solution that is not required just to make a quick dollar. When a problem occurs, clients expect fast service and our staff is always ready to help. Most of the time, our skilled team can walk you right through troubleshooting the system and fix the problem over the phone. If we cannot resolve the issue, then we can schedule a prompt service call to repair the system.

We have a full crew of service technicians who can be dispatched quickly to make the necessary repairs. When our technicians arrive at your site, you will clearly see our American Alarm Systems van and uniform. You will never see a non-licensed independent contractor arriving at your site. An established security company like ours has employees that have served our clients for many years and know how to service all of the equipment we offer.

Whether you choose American Alarm Systems or another alarm company to meet your security needs, focusing on service, affordability, and the latest technology will enable you to protect your home and family with the best the industry has to offer.

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