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Why you need a commercial security system

As a property manager, the safety of your tenants and the security of the premises should be a top priority. However, securing a multi-tenant building can be tricky because often, it’s difficult to control who has access to the property. Property management security systems can help you not only control access, but also keep a close eye on tenants and visitors to ensure your properties maintain a reputation as safe, secure spaces.

Whether you manage a large, multi-unit residential property or a commercial space that rents to multiple business tenants, here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you install a comprehensive property management system.

Benefits of a Property Management Security System

There is an obvious benefit to securing the premises of the property you manage. After all, a safer building is more likely to attract the kind of responsible tenants you’d like to retain. However, there are additional benefits to a property management alarm system that you may not have considered.

Avoid Property Damage

A security system, especially one equipped with security and surveillance cameras, can deter not just crime but also vandalism. Additional security and safety measures incorporated into the system like fire alarms can also help prevent property damage by providing early warning.

Deter Crime

The presence of a security system and cameras can deter crime and make common areas safer for tenants. It can also provide the added benefit of encouraging tenants to be on their best behavior.

Control Access

Restricting access to certain areas is one of the most important benefits of installing a property management security system. Controlling access to buildings or spaces within the property is essential to keeping tenants safe and unwanted visitors out.

Lower Insurance Costs

Having a property management alarm system can not only lower your insurance premiums, but it can save time if you do have to file an insurance claim. Surveillance footage or access reports can provide vital information to investigate a crime or establish proof of property loss or damage.

Conduct a Risk Assessment 

Before embarking on installing a property management security system, you should work closely with a security professional to conduct a risk assessment. Reputable security companies will work directly with residential or commercial property managers to assess the security risks of the premise in question as well as the population you’re protecting. Together, you’ll design a specific system that addresses those concerns without being too intrusive.

Security Systems

Any comprehensive security approach naturally starts with a system of sensors, motion sensor lights, and alarms that can notify you of intruders or problems on the property. Whether it’s monitoring gated residential properties or locking down a commercial multi-use building after hours, security systems can deter crime and prevent property loss or damage.

Video Camera Systems

Video camera systems can be surveillance cameras in public spaces or security cameras that monitor the perimeter of the property and provide an extra layer of security and safety for tenants. There are some laws governing where security cameras can be placed on residential or commercial properties for privacy reasons, so check your state and city codes for specifics. It’s always best to alert your tenants and any visitors that surveillance is occurring on the property.

Access Control Systems

Employing a system of credentials that allows tenants access to specific parts of the building or property and restricts access to others is a primary concern in any property management system. Access control systems can also help you regulate when shared spaces like public pools or gyms are open to residential tenants or restrict parking lot spaces to commercial tenants. Access control systems should provide detailed reports that help you manage user access and spot potential problems.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system integrated into your security system can provide early warning in an emergency and help tenants evacuate safely. Certain properties may also want to consider installing flood sensors or carbon monoxide detectors to alleviate concerns about safety and property damage. You can receive notifications remotely when an alarm is triggered and work with a central monitoring station to dispatch authorities and manage evacuation protocols.

Professional Monitoring Services

No property management security system would be complete without professional monitoring services from a central monitoring station. These stations are staffed by trained professionals who are available 24/7 to verify alarms on the property and alert authorities in the case of crime or other emergencies.

Property Management Security Systems from American Alarm

American Alarm works closely with property managers of both residential and commercial properties to assess risk and design security solutions that work for both the population and the premises. Our trained security professionals strive to find the perfect balance between the security and safety of your tenants, your budget, and designing a system that will be minimally intrusive. Here are just a few of the systems and services we offer to help manage your residential or commercial property.

Comprehensive Security Systems

Our customized security systems not only are effective at deterring crime but enable property managers to access and control components of the system remotely through a smartphone app. This includes both alarm and fire systems as well as security and surveillance cameras.

Access Control Systems

American Alarm utilizes a variety of security solutions to design access control systems that manage the premises and provide user management at a distance. Our access control systems also provided detailed reports available for your review on a daily or weekly basis.

UL Certified Central Monitoring Services

Our full-service UL Central Monitoring Station is nationally recognized as a leader in the security industry and is backed by the latest technology and redundant infrastructure. American Alarm wants clients to feel confident that our trained security professionals will always be online and ready to help 24/7.


History and Reputation

Owned and operated by the Beale family continuously since 1958, we have grown into a large, full-service security solutions provider with an excellent reputation. We service all of Southern California and beyond.

Commitment to Clients

We owe our longevity to our loyal clients. Our mantra is “treat every client as if they are our only client”. Because of this goal, we strive to exceed client expectations in every facet of our work.

Local Provider

We are your neighbor, which drives us to provide you with prompt service and security. We are familiar with the neighborhoods you live and work in because we are part of your community.

Superior Technology

Our UL central monitoring station is equipped with top-tier hardware, software, redundant dual coast communications, and is recognized as a leader in the security industry.

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