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Public Works Security Systems

Security Solutions That Protect Public Work Facilities
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A public works security system should help you monitor and coordinate security and access for all the facilities and areas you’re responsible to ensure both employee and community safety.

The security and integrity of public works facilities like those that provide energy, water, sewage, and other functions are vital to keeping communities safe. Breaches in security not only put public health at risk but may result in long-term economic or environmental consequences. Whether your public works facilities are handling toxic waste or merely keeping the lights on in thousands of homes and businesses, there’s nothing more important than protecting the infrastructure that supports your community. The economy, the companies, and the people who call your town or city home rely on the security of your public works facilities.

Why you Need a Security System

Maintaining and protecting your public works infrastructure isn’t just about fending off intruders or security threats. It’s also about avoiding safety hazards due to human error or natural disaster. Here are a few of the situations an integrated public works security system might help you avoid.

  • Vandalism
  • Malicious attack or sabotage
  • Fires, floods, or explosions
  • Unwanted intruders
  • Damage from extreme weather or natural disasters
  • Theft

A comprehensive security system could also provide vital early detection of fire, flood, and other disasters to allow for timely evacuation and minimize damage to public property and costly infrastructure.


Do you need both indoor and outdoor monitoring solutions? What about features like panic buttons behind the counter or electronic vibration detectors? Think carefully through what an ideal system would do and how those things might work together to provide a comprehensive security approach or the entire property. American Alarm Systems offers many different security system options to bring a comprehensive, customized approach to each commercial security solution.

Components to Consider in a Public Works Security System

Whether you’re managing multiple public works sites or just one facility, you should consider what you’ll need as part of your integrated security system. A robust system should be able to do all the following functions:

  • Manage employee access
  • Provide detailed daily or weekly reports
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Patrol and protect property perimeters
  • Deter intruders
  • Detect fire or flood
  • Verify alarms or tripped sensors
  • Allow remote control of the system and access to video
  • Provide early warning of a security breach or a safety concern

protecting public works faclilities

To have a system that adequately protects public works infrastructure, you should consider these security measures.

Security Systems

A network of sensors, alarms, and an integrated security system can work in tandem with other measures to detect unwanted intruders and secure public works facilities. From protecting perimeters to identifying suspicious activity, a security system can deter vandalism, theft, and sabotage of vital public utilities.

Video Camera Systems

High-resolution CCTV cameras can provide indoor and outdoor surveillance, patrol the perimeter, monitor employees, identify unwanted intruders, and verify alarms or other suspicious activity. Cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom are especially useful for providing 360-degree views of essential spaces that should have limited access or that you may want to monitor more closely for safety hazards. Make sure you invest in state-of-the-art cameras equipped for even the harshest environments so when disaster strikes, you’ll still have an eye on what’s happening at your facilities.

Access Control Systems

Controlling access for employees is easy and convenient with a network of readers, door locks, sensors, and alarms that assigns credentials and helps you manage user permissions at a distance. Access control systems can help public works managers keep tabs on multiple sites and restrict access to only qualified personnel. These systems can be integrated with a security system and produced detailed reports on a daily or weekly basis that help effectively manage staff and permissions.

Fire Alarm Systems

At critical public works facilities that support community infrastructure, fire and flood can be serious hazards. To protect not just employees and property, but also the safety and health of the community, a fire alarm system designed to detect, locate, verify, and alert authorities and employees to fire, smoke or rising water levels is essential. Fire alarm systems can also provide crucial warning in case of an emergency that triggers an evacuation plan. You’ll want a fire alarm system that’s integrated with the security system and is designed and maintained by experts who can ensure the technology is up to code and functioning correctly.

Professional Monitoring Services

Even with state-of-the-art technology and a fully integrated fire and security system, your public works facilities might still be vulnerable if no one is there to manage alarms and emergencies as they arise. That’s why a central monitoring station staffed with professionals trained to respond 24/7 to security concerns is vital to a robust, comprehensive security plan that protects critical public works infrastructure.

Public Works Security Systems from American Alarm

As communities become more reliant on utilities and other public works infrastructure, they also become more attractive targets for sabotage. American Alarm understands the complexities of protecting these highly sensitive and vital facilities and has a myriad of solutions designed to meet these specific needs.

Comprehensive Security, Camera, and Fire Alarm Systems

Our trained security professionals will work with you to design a security and fire alarm system that will meet the needs of your public works facilities with the latest technology and can coordinate across multiple sites.

Access Control Systems

American Alarm has a variety of security solutions to address access control while helping you manage the premises and users from a distance. Our access control systems provided detailed reports available on demand or for your review on a daily or weekly basis.

Security Camera Systems

Keep an eye on your restaurant with HD quality video solutions, video storage, and off-site remote monitoring. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras equipped with HD and night vision as well as pan, zoom, and tilt capabilities that can give you 360-degrees of coverage.

UL Certified Central Monitoring Services

Our full-service UL central monitoring station is nationally recognized as a leader in the security industry and is backed by the latest technology and redundant infrastructure, so you’ll never have to worry that your public works facility is vulnerable. American Alarm has invested in high quality, UL certified systems and services that meet or exceed industry standards so you can feel confident that our trained security professionals will always be online and ready to help 24/7.


History and Reputation

Owned and operated by the Beale family continuously since 1958, we have grown into a large, full-service security solutions provider with an excellent reputation. We service all of Southern California and beyond.

Commitment to Clients

We owe our longevity to our loyal clients. Our mantra is “treat every client as if they are our only client”. Because of this goal, we strive to exceed client expectations in every facet of our work.

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We are your neighbor, which drives us to provide you with prompt service and security. We are familiar with the neighborhoods you live and work in because we are part of your community.

Superior Technology

Our UL central monitoring station is equipped with top-tier hardware, software, redundant dual coast communications, and is recognized as a leader in the security industry.

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