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School safety is a hot-button topic, and the entire education industry presents unique security concerns that call for a customized approach. Whether it’s protecting school property from vandalism, deterring violence, or monitoring staff to ensure a safe learning environment, school security systems need to adapt to managing multiple functions. The kind of security system and the focus of security measures will depend on the demographics of the students, the perimeters of the property or campus, and the budget a school has available to install and manage an integrated security system. From childcare centers that may be focused on monitoring employees to high schools in urban areas concerned about violence or vandalism, each educational setting has different needs.

Before you decide which considerations are most important in a comprehensive security system for your school, let’s take a look at the potential benefits you and your students will receive from integrating a robust menu of security measures for surveillance and safety.


There’s nothing more important than the safety of your students, but as an educational institution, you may also enjoy benefits you haven’t anticipated from having an integrated security and surveillance system. Whether you’re a college campus or an elementary school, investing in customized security solutions can pay off in unexpected ways.

  • Locate and verify the source of alarms
  • Initiate and lift lockdowns to isolate threats
  • Control multiple buildings remotely
  • Manage access for visitors, staff, and students
  • Get detailed reports on demand
  • Deter violence, vandalism, and theft
  • Encourage a safer learning environment for students and faculty
  • Patrol property perimeter and parking lots
  • Protect buildings, facilities, and valuable scientific, musical, and technology items
  • Early warning and communication for safer evacuations
  • Detection of fire, flood, and other risks to prevent property loss and danger to students and staff
  • Keep in compliance with local fire and building codes
  • Alert authorities sooner in case of an incident
  • Lower insurance premiums

Because school safety is also an important issue for parents, administrators, and politicians, investing in a school security system can provide peace of mind to the broader community and improve enrollment and funding over the long term.

Which Security Services Does My Building Need?

The kinds of services your business requires will be unique to your building or property, type and size of business, and the location. It’s likely you’ll need some combination of the following security services and protocols to keep your property, assets, inventory, and employees safe.

Security and Alarm Systems

Entry points equipped with alarm sensors and motion detection can alert school officials to an intruder and, if the activity is deemed to be suspicious, prompt the dispatch of police or campus security. A system can also provide a specific location of a problem to verify the incident via video and resolve the concern promptly.

Access Control

At a minimum, we’ll suggest placing sensors on all your major entries like the front or back door and the garage. For optimal security, we may advise placing sensors on every perimeter window or door at ground level.

Fire Alarm Systems

A speedy, efficient evacuation after the detection of smoke or fire can be tricky in a multi-level building with a large student and staff presence. Get a head start with fire alarm systems that are integrated into your school’s security system and utilize the latest technology as well as adhering to current fire and building codes.

Access Control and Visitor Management

One of the challenges of a school setting can be restricting access to campus, especially in a building with multiple entry points. An access control system can be equipped with automatic door locks and readers that allow school administration to issue and manage credentials for users, providing easy access for students and staff but keeping out unwanted visitors that might pose a security risk.

School Security Systems from American Alarm

American Alarm understands that whether you’re trying to secure a university campus or a daycare, educational settings have special considerations that require customized solutions. Our trained security professionals will work closely with school administration and staff to design a security system that doesn’t disturb the learning environment and provides the maximum amount of safety for your budget.

Alarm, Security, Surveillance and Fire Alarm Systems

From security to surveillance to fire detection, American Alarm can help. We’ll craft an integrated system that provides security and safety for your students, parents, staff, and school campus.

Access Control Systems

Given today’s security challenges, an access control system can be an important and vital tool for limiting unwanted visitors and avoiding major security incidents. Let American Alarm design one that will work for you using card or fingerprint readers and a management system that lets you control access for specific users remotely and generates reports of user activity on demand.

UL Certified Central Monitoring Services

State-of-the-art security, camera, and fire alarm systems won’t help avoid risk to your students and staff if no one is there to respond to tripped alarms and other emergencies. That’s where our UL certified central monitoring station can help. Staffed by trained professionals and backed by redundant infrastructure, we’ll be there to verify alarms and alert authorities 24/7.


History and Reputation

Owned and operated by the Beale family continuously since 1958, we have grown into a large, full-service security solutions provider with an excellent reputation. We service all of Southern California and beyond.

Commitment to Clients

We owe our longevity to our loyal clients. Our mantra is “treat every client as if they are our only client”. Because of this goal, we strive to exceed client expectations in every facet of our work.

Local Provider

We are your neighbor, which drives us to provide you with prompt service and security. We are familiar with the neighborhoods you live and work in because we are part of your community.

Superior Technology

Our UL central monitoring station is equipped with top-tier hardware, software, redundant dual coast communications, and is recognized as a leader in the security industry.

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