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Which Residential Security Services Do you Need?

American Alarm Systems specializes in residential security services that protect your family and property from unwanted intruders. Our security specialists can design a simple solution for homeowners on a basic budget or develop a more complex security system with interactive home automation. We strive to deliver the absolute best value to our clients by exceeding expectations and living up to our promises. We all want peace of mind knowing that our home and family are safe and secure. Protecting your home with our residential security solutions is an important step in deterring theft. When emergencies happen, they have the potential to be emotionally and financially devastating. We provide advanced technologies that you can depend on 24/7 to deter intruders and keep you safe.

Determining You Residential Security Needs

The first step in designing a security system is to have our one of our experienced security consultants evaluate your home and property perimeters to ensure that all areas of risk are properly identified. We will ask questions and listen to your security concerns. Our goal is not to sell you additional equipment that you don’t want, but to ensure that we provide the best advice that will give keep you and your family safe.

Then based on our findings, we design a security solution that keeps you protected and fits within your budget. We’ll evaluate which equipment is right for you, and then walk you through how to use your residential security system with personalized, professional installation. From assessing your needs to selecting, installing, and monitoring your home security, American Alarm Systems is with you every step of the way.

Choosing your Residential Security Equipment

All of our residential security solutions begin with the control panel, which is the brain of your home security system. It allows homeowners to control and monitor security by accessing information from various sensors, including door and window sensors, locks, thermostats, and more. We offer a number of different panels and features that will best fit your security needs. All of our control panels have high resolution, 7-inch touchscreens with features like one-touch arm stay or away. Once you’ve selected a control panel, we’ll construct a system based on answers to some of the following questions about your residential security needs.

How many doors and windows do you want to monitor?

Once we have the main panel selected, we determine how many perimeter doors and windows you want to place sensors on. At a minimum we recommend sensors on the following:

  • Front door or main entrance. 34% of all burglars enter through your front door, so this is the first place to start when it comes to deterring an intruder.
  • Rear door. If your front door is protected, you can bet the thief will probably circle around back, where unsecured entries are hidden far away from the street and prying eyes.
  • Garage entry door. Most homes do not have their garage doors secured properly, providing easy access to would-be thieves.

If you want a higher level of protection, then we recommend that you add sensors to all perimeter openings.

What special needs does your property or family have?

Once the main panel and perimeter sensors are installed, it is time to determine what other security devices can enhance protection. Infrared motion detectors track movements of burglars inside homes and provide additional protection if a door or window sensor does not cause an alarm or is bypassed. Glass break detectors will detect if someone breaks a window. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and flood sensors protect your family and home 24/7, alerting you to unsafe conditions or emergencies. We also offer panic buttons that can notify emergency services immediately if pressed. All of these sensors and more can be used to provide a comprehensive approach to your residential security needs and superior protection for your home and family.


With today’s technology, security systems can also offer all the comforts of home. Our line of home automation devices integrates with your existing home security system and allows you to control your residential security services remotely. With your smartphone you can perform features like:

  • Arm or disarm your security system
  • Control your door locks
  • Adjust and program your thermostat
  • Control your light bulbs
  • Adjust your sprinkler systems
  • Receive doorbell videos with audio when someone is at your front door
  • View a live stream video of your security cameras

These types of devices are easy to install and can be added these to any of our security solutions. We’ll also help you understand how to control and monitor the system from your mobile device.

Security Cameras for Your Home

Security cameras also offer another level of protection that our residential security consultants can add to your home. Our technicians can install a digital or network video recorder which enables you to view and retrieve stored video, an LCD monitor to see camera activity, and HD cameras mounted on the outside of your home. Every camera we install provides HD quality video with night vision so that you can see video in complete darkness.

Next, our technicians connect your smartphone to the camera system so that you can view all security cameras in real-time, whenever you desire. No more packages getting stolen from your front porch or wondering what that sound out in the yard was. We also offer video monitoring and the ability to review recorded video for several weeks.

Upon competition of our residential security services into your home, our expert technicians will answer any questions you have and make sure that you fully understand how each component of your home security system operates. If you ever need help, our service department will be available to promptly assist you. If we cannot help you over the phone, we will dispatch our service technicians to visit your home and make the necessary repairs.


The final step to completing your residential security services with American Alarm Systems is to connect your system to our UL Central Station Monitoring Center. Our central station operators are real people who will monitor your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will dispatch the appropriate authorities when required. With more than 50 years of monitoring experience, you can feel confident that your home is being protected by our certified operators around the clock.


History and Reputation

Owned and operated by the Beale family continuously since 1958, we have grown into a large, full-service security solutions provider with an excellent reputation. We service all of Southern California and beyond.

Commitment to Clients

We owe our longevity to our loyal clients. Our mantra is “treat every client as if they are our only client”. Because of this goal, we strive to exceed client expectations in every facet of our work.

Local Provider

We are your neighbor, which drives us to provide you with prompt service and security. We are familiar with the neighborhoods you live and work in because we are part of your community.

Superior Technology

Our UL central monitoring station is equipped with top-tier hardware, software, redundant dual coast communications, and is recognized as a leader in the security industry.

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