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Pet Safe Alarm Sensors Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about installing a home security system is false alarms, especially when it comes to the furry, four-legged members of the family. While you might want to take measures to keep your family safe, having a home security system with a pet in the house can be tricky business. American Alarm Systems thinks you shouldn’t have to compromise on security, so we offer pet-friendly technology and professional advice that can minimize concerns about false alarms and keep Fido and your family safe. While pets may wander through your home during the day, your home security system from American Alarm can be outfitted with motion sensors sophisticated enough to detect the difference between a human or a smaller animal and act accordingly. Our professional advice about where to place the pet safe alarm sensors during installation can also help in avoiding false alarms triggered by your frisky best friend.

How Pet Safe Alarm Sensors Work

Most motion detectors are calibrated to trigger an alarm in response to a change in temperature. Whether that’s an intruder or your pet barking at the mailman and furiously patrolling the front door. If something enters the coverage area, the alarm is tripped by that temperature change via the sensor.

However, modern technology has allowed pet-immune motion detectors to eliminate false alarms by analyzing infrared heat moving across a coverage area. After studying movements and basic shapes of animals versus humans, some sensors have been engineered with specific algorithms to disregard pets. It’s a combination of evaluating mass, movement, and speed of an object and using temperature or infrared (PIR- passive infrared) to eliminate animals as the cause of movement.

In addition to these considerations, weight is a key factor that your pet safe alarm sensors use to determine whether to trigger an alarm. Our pet-immune motion detectors are set up to disregard weights under 80 pounds, allowing for smaller animals like cats and most larger dogs not to trip the sensor.

Chat with a professional technician at American Alarm Systems to determine how we can best set up your system to avoid false alarms triggered by pets and what measures you might still be able to employ even if your pet tips the scales at more than 80 pounds.

Where to Place Pet Immune Alarm Sensors

Where you decide to place your pet safe sensors and motion detectors can also play a large role in whether or not Fido trips a false alarm, so always consult with a professional. Typically, motion detectors can be positioned a little higher up off the floor or pointed upwards to avoid triggering the alarm when there’s movement lower to the ground. Homeowners sometimes disarm their systems because they are concerned about false alarms that cause emergency services to be deployed erroneously and ultimately result in hefty fines.

But after paying for a state-of-the-art system to keep your family and home safe, it seems ridiculous turn it off just because you have a few frolicking cats at home.

Instead, consult with the experts at American Alarm who can not only provide a system outfitted with pet safe sensors, but also advise and install those sensors. A home security system that relies upon pet-safe sensors can offer state-of-the-art technology that ensures you won’t be making excuses for Fido when the police show up at your door.

You can also take note of the areas your pet frequents most during the day and their routine as they move through the home. Share that information with American Alarm technicians so they can provide the best advice about placement and position of your motion detectors. And don’t forget to mention the climbing habits of pets like cats, who might end up perched in unexpected areas.

Using Your Home Security System to Keep Your Pet Safe

In addition to alleviating fears about false alarms, many homeowners want to leverage their home security technology to keep an eye on household pets who are often home alone during the day. American Alarm Systems understands that pets are family, and we offer a full menu of smart home automation options that will allow you to drop in on your favorite four-legged friend anytime you feel anxious.

Adjust the thermostat to keep your pet comfortable.

Turn lights on and off to help your pet navigate in dim light.

Install a surveillance camera that’ll give you a view of exactly what man’s best friend is up to, whether that’s chewing your favorite slippers or being a good boy. View the live stream on your mobile so you know if you’ll have to rush home or take your time.

Fire and smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors also provided the added security of knowing your pet will have help evacuating in the case of an emergency, even if you’re far from home.


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