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How Smartphone Alarm Systems Can Help Secure Your Home

Our homes are growing increasingly smart, packed with technology that makes our lives easier and more comfortable. But home automation is moving quickly beyond the realm of convenience into making houses energy efficient and secure. Today’s state-of-the-art security systems are part of a growing number of devices that can become part of your home’s automation. Smartphone alarm systems have the power to arm/disarm the alarm, adjust thermostats, control lights, and lock or unlock your door from miles away in the palm of a homeowner’s hand.

In order to understand how your smartphone can become the hub of your home security system, let’s start by explaining the basic concepts behind home automation.

How Smartphones and Home Automation Work Together?

Modern home security systems are often wireless, with various components like cameras, motion detectors, door sensors, garage door openers, smoke detectors, and smart locks connected to your Wi-Fi and transmitting status signals to a control panel or hub. In order for your entire system of devices to be managed in one central location, they simply need to operate on the same wireless protocol. There are two main wireless protocols used in home automation devices: Z-Wave and Zigbee.

When all of your devices are connected by the same wireless protocol, you can have a mobile app that manages turning lights on, locking the door, or disarming the system via a smartphone or other mobile device. Video cameras, which have more complicated needs due to the need to store recorded footage, often back up to the cloud to minimize the need for a recorder or hard drive on site. Some of the more sophisticated security systems will allow you to create scenes based on your lifestyle. You are able to set-up the system to open the garage door, disarm the alarm, turn down the thermostat, turn on a light, and unlock the garage entry door when you press a button on your app.

Smartphone controlled alarm systems act as a remote control of sorts for your security system, managing the system from miles away and sending notifications for major events like tripped alarms or unexpected motion. Programmable features let you customize home automation to fit your life and schedule, with convenient efficient control available at your fingertips.

Components of a Smartphone Controlled Home Security System

The components of a smartphone-controlled home security system can be varied and are dependent on the security your home needs and your bottom line. Most home security systems have a mobile app that allows some level of control over your security system.

When you boil a security system down to the basics, it’s simply a network of sensors with a monitoring method that allows central station operators and users to respond to notifications. Security systems in the past had to be hardwired from each device back to a control panel or some sort of keypad. Today’s security systems use more sophisticated sensors that transmit signals wirelessly and allow the control panel to be your smartphone or an actual hub, but the concept of the system remains the same.

It’s recommended that you invest in a home security system with a mobile app that offers a live stream of video camera footage, real-time notifications, and an interface that enables you to add other devices like lights, locks, garage doors, sprinkler systems, and thermostats.

Benefits of a Smartphone Alarm System

As you can imagine, having your home security system at your fingertips has many benefits. But it should be stressed that one of this convenience and technology is a substitute for professional monitoring by trusted, trained security experts that can keep an eye on your home even when you can’t.

Access Anywhere

With access to your security system via a mobile app, you can feel confident about keeping an eye on things even when you can’t be home.

Watch and Review Video

If you have security cameras installed on your property, your mobile app will allow you to view live or prerecorded footage from either indoor or outdoor cameras to which your smartphone is connected. This can be invaluable to verify triggered alarms or spot problems on the property.

Home Automation Integration

Having your home security system connected to your smartphone can also provide you with an interface to manage other elements of home automation, including lighting, thermostats, sprinklers, and more.

Smartphone Controlled Home Security Systems from American Alarm

American Alarm understands how important it is to have the control and convenience of your home security system accessible via your smartphone or mobile device. That’s why many of our components integrate with an easy to use mobile app that puts the control in your hands, coupled with professional monitoring services that can keep an eye on things even when you can’t. Below are just a few of the components American Alarm offers as part of a Smartphone controlled home security system

Smart Home Panel

This is the brain of your home security system that provides status updates on sensors, alarms, home automation devices like thermostats, and more. Typically mounted on a wall within your home, it provides everything you need to control the security system when you’re at home. Your smartphone performs many of these same functions, acting as a hub for your security system when you are away.

Smart Thermostat

American Alarm offers and installs smart thermostats that can provide the best of both worlds: comfort and convenience. These home automation devices integrate with your home security and are accessible via your smartphone, with programmable features and timers that let you customize the temperature settings depending upon the time, season, and more.

Door Locks

You’ll never have to worry about whether you remembered to lock the door again. These smart locks connect to your mobile app, providing access on the go to checking the status of your door and locking or unlocking it at a distance.

Doorbell or Security Cameras

View live or recorded footage from your video doorbell or home security camera on your mobile app, verifying whether or not that package was delivered or talk to someone who is ringing the bell even when you’re not there to answer in person. You can also use this footage to verify other alarm notifications like smoke alarm and determine whether to alert authorities.

Light Control

Switch lights on and off and manage timers and customized settings on your smartphone. Whether you’re on vacation, already at home, or at work, you can make it look like you’ve just arrived by dimming or raising lights both inside your home and outside on your property.

Water, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Detect flooding, fire, and other emergencies with sensors designed to send alerts to your smartphone. If you have video cameras connected to your smartphone, you can also use live footage to verify triggered sensors and alarms and alert authorities or our central monitoring station.

Event History

Review event history while you’re away to ensure the pet sitter came over as expected or that package isn’t sitting out on your doorstep in the rain while you’re on vacation. If there is an incident, you can pull up your history to identify when and what occurred and provide additional details for authorities or the insurance company.


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